Monday, November 15, 2010

Used gear sale - October 23, 2010

REI was having it's used gear sale so we set the alarm for 6:30 am and headed up to the Salt Lake REI.  We got there early expecting a line but no one was there.  Someone said there was a parking lot sale going on at Black Diamond so we headed over there.  The Black Diamond parking lot swap was crazy with tons of people selling there stuff out of the backs of there cars.  We found lots of lots of stuff.  Priority one was a to find Anja a rain jacket.  We found two almost right away.  We're not sure who some of these people were but there was lots of brand new gear begin sold for very little and Anja got 2 Patagonia jackets for $50. Then she found some ice screws, a couple packs.  Then we hit again finding someone selling rock shoes in Ken's size and Anja's size.  Shortly after we left it started raining hard so we had timed things just right.  The list is below:

Black Diamond Parking lot Swap:
Patagonia Spraymaster Jacket $20 R - $300
Patagonia Women's Rain Shadow Jacket $30 (found $10 cash in pocket) = $20 R - $150
First Ascent Top $5 R?~$30
black diamond magnum pack $10 R$50
2 x Omega Pacific Ice screws $12.5 each R - $50
Outdoor Products Mojave H20 Waist Pack $5 R$22
Trango Squid stick clip top $5 R - $30
Bolle Cylon Goggles $5 R$17
8 x Black Diamond Dynex Dogbones $2 each = $16; R $6 each = $48
Adidas gel-1140 $10 R$80

La Sportiva TC Pro 95% of sole left $70 R$170
La Sportiva Tradmaster 50% of sole left $5 R$110
La Sportiva Slipper 40% of sole left $5 R~$100

Scarpa Vision NEW $15 R$130
Scarpa Dominator NEW (Rand cracking) $10 R$120
Scarpa Unknown New $15 R$100
La Sportiva Venom $30 R$100
Spent $261 Retail Value Over $1500
After the Black Diamond sale we headed back over to REI to checkout what they had and found some good deals there too.
 Osphrey Kestral 38 $54 $139
La Sportiva Mythos size 42 $40 R$130
La Sportiva Trango GTX 44.5 $115 R $290
PMI belay gloves $10 R$32
Pearl Izumi Select Bike Gloves $10 R$22
Spent $230 Retail value $613

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