Thursday, November 4, 2010

Momentum Rock Climbing Gym - October 17, 2010

We got to Sandy, UT and met George who Anja had arranged to rent a room from for two weeks.  It was pretty funny since George works at Snowbird at the Condo complex Adam's parents stay at every year for January and February every year so of course he knew them.

Since Anja had some work on the back burner we wanted to get to it so we went over to the local climbing gym Momentum with one of the other tenants Mary.  Mary just finished up in Chemical Engineering at Michigan and is taking some time off.

We were able to get a membership for two weeks for $49 each which isn't too bad and after getting through the paperwork and belay tests we got to some great climbs at the gym.
Anja and Mary had fun.
Then back to George and Denise's for Anja to work.

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