Thursday, November 25, 2010

UCLA - November 3, 2010

In the morning we got up and said hi to Kevin, Lauren had already headed off to work, and headed up to UCLA. Anja got up there up time without too much pain and suffering at the hands of LA traffic. Anja had a reception she wanted me to join her at in the evening and I was unexcited about driving the van on the freeways in LA traffic alone so I hungout at UCLA for the day.

It was a beautiful day but it just kept getting hotter and hotter and by mid-day I think it was almost 100 degrees. It was November, this is ridiculous! How are we ever going to handle being in Vermont at the end of the month if we are in 100 degree heat. I still managed to wonder around campus and grabbed a shot of my favorite building Royce Hall, also the location of Anja's graduation.

That night we went to the reception and then grabbed dinner with Ram, Eric, and Jenny. I then headed out to Joshua Tree National Park to meet some friends and left Anja at hotel near UCLA.

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