Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dugway Geode Rockhounding - October 16, 2010

Dugway was about a hour drive away down a bunch of dirt roads and over Dugway pass.  The views were great from the pass.  We found our way to Dugway and drove up the dirt road which we were supposed to take for 3 miles but about 1.5 miles in it got too bad so we stopped and parked.  We descided to go scout around and look for the good spot we had heard about in Ace the day before with a backhole working.  Luckily we took the road back and found it right way.  Lots of people were there including mini vans.  We'd missed something so Anja stayed to scout around the site and Ken rode back out to figure out how to drive the van in.
We got the van in and found the back hole.  It had dug a hole about 8 ft deep and piled everything next to the hole so it was really easy to get up on the pile and sift through a lot of dirt quickly.
The local beta wasn't to crack them open there but to fill a bucket with rocks you think are likely and take it home to cut it open with a tile saw.  So we filled a bin from the van full.
 Ken digging in the pile with our Gerber shovel turns out its good for something beside a small hole 6 inches deep.
Questioning our ability to identify geodes we took a few that looked the least likely to have a good geode and Ken cracked them with a chisel.
Each cracked open without much problem and though not amazing were each a geode.
Anja is really excited to get a tile saw and cut the whole tub open.  That night we headed to Sandy, UT to get Anja setup to work for the next two weeks.

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