Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drive to LA - November 1, 2010

Before we hit the road I cleaned out the van and did one quick repair. Two weeks before on the dirt road from Topaz Mountain to Dugway I had noticed a funny sound from the van, when I got out and looked at the van I found the generator exhaust pipe had broken off and was just dangling from one strap.  Since we don't use the generator much I just pulled the broken pipe free threw it in the van and headed on. 

On further inspection I found the pipe had broken before and detached piece had just separated at a coupler from a previous repair, however a exhaust pipe hanger was still broken.  I used some galvanized steel hanger strap to repair the broken hanger and shoved the pipe back in place and called it all good.

That evening we headed toward LA, somewhere around Beaver, UT the van rolled over the 100,000 mile mark.  We've really had some great luck with our van over the past 18,000 miles.
Beaver, Utah's Dairy Queen gas station.
We pulled up for the night outside St. George, Utah up a dirt road on Forest Service Land.  It was a pretty nice spot.

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