Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunstone Knoll and Topaz Mountain Rock Hounding - October 15, 2010

After Ibex Anja was dieing to rock hounding so we headed to Delta to ask about local spots and get a few supplies.  In Ace Hardware we ended up talking to a customer who was a local and told us about a few spots.  So we set a plan hit Sunstone Knoll for labradorite that evening, then Topaz Mountain in the morning, and then Dugway the next afternoon for Geodes. 

So we headed over to Sunstone Knoll about 45 miles away on the hwy and about 1 mile up a dirt road.
Anja was better at finding the crystals so Ken set to swinging the hammer into the rocks.
Anja searching for more crystals.
It was a fun outing and few found a few things mostly very small but Anja still kept going by headlamp.  After she had enough we jumped in the van and headed up to Topaz Mountain.
We found a great spot to park the van for the night and woke up to great scenery.  Ken sent Anja off to scout for good spots.  After an hour and a half Anja came back and said she didn't find anything.  Well off to site Dugway.

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