Monday, January 24, 2011

Sanibel Island

We headed out to Sanibel Island to do some bike riding and site seeing.


First stop was Billy’s bike rentals to get us some beach cruisers.


We rode for about 30 minutes of really nice bike path and got to some public beach access.


So we walked on the beach for a while.  It had crazy amounts of shells on the beach so many it made this very supportive walkway, very odd for a beach.


After we left the beach we rode up the bike path parallel Rabbit Road which cut through an alligator preserve and spotted a 6 foot alligator about 50 feet away.  When we got back to Periwinkle Road we debated riding the bikes through the bird preserve or high tailing it back to the rental shop to get them back within the 2 hour rental window.  Since we needed water and sunscreen lotion, we high tailed it back to the rental shop and drove to the bird preserve.


It was just before sunset so lots of birds were out feeding.


We even caught some good views of some spoonbills.


It was a cool place to drive through with lots of different birds.  After the drive through we headed up to the Mucky Duck for a drink just after sunset.


JuliaG said...

Looks like you're getting closer to Atlanta! We have guest quarters ;).

JuliaG said...
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