Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lobstering from the back poach

Sharon wanted some lobster for us while we are visiting so she invited some friends over to go diving for lobster in the channel off her back poach.  They showed up with full scuba gear and a drysuit for the 60 degree channel water.

Sharon's house scubaP1140001P1140007The channel behind the house.

P1140018Everyone was entertained by the diving.


Underwater photo looking for lobster.P1140026

The lobsters.  I got trained on how to clean a lobster.  My first try without a pair of gloves was a fail and the spinney lobsters lived up to there name but I gave it a second try with gloves on and got it figured out.


P1140049 A finger tore up a little.P1140057

That night we went out to a sports bar and found this pelican hanging just outside at sunset.


JuliaG said...

Is "poach" a Freudian slip ;)

Anja said...

I think that's a good guess. It's also phonetically correct for the area. But, most likely it's because Ken's a writer and not an editor. :)