Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Climbing Malibu with Jenny

So a long Anja/Jenny tradition was heading out of work early to go climbing at Malibu and BBQing at Jenny’s house.  Jenny was able to get done with work early and we met her on campus and headed out to Mailbu.  We went over to Century Damn area and climbed at Little Cheops.
Anja leading up a warmup.
Jenny heading up another warmup.  After warming up I did the 10b up the center of Little Cheops which went smooth.  Then Anja got the Drifter (5.12a) which went pretty good til she had to hang after the crux.

That night we headed out to Jenny’s and BBQ’d with Jenny, Eric, and Ram.  It was really nice to spend the night at Jenny and relax out in Topanga Canyon away from the LA crazyness.

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