Monday, January 3, 2011

Legally Blonde the Musical

I had gone to the airport to fly to Denver and been told my flight from Burlington to Washington DC was delayed from 2:20 pm til 4:30 pm so I would miss my connection to Denver.  They told me they could get me on a 9:15 pm flight to Denver but I had heard something about a ground closure in D.C. til 9 pm so last thing I wanted to do was sign up to hangout in D.C. and maybe get benighted.  The attendant said I could also reschedule to tomorrow morning at 6 am and I said sounds good.  Turns out this worked out well as Donna and Bruce had gotten me a ticket to Legally Blonde the Musical at the Flynn theater.  Anja picked me up from the airport and we went to the show.

Anja really enjoyed the show.  I thought it was ok and that a few of the performances by the supporting cast was not that good and boarder lined on annoying.  A couple numbers were rather shrieky and high pitched but at moments I wonder if that wasn’t intentional.  The show was written for teenage girls and the audience in attendance was a sure testament to that.  At intermission the lobby was kind of shrieky and high pitched too so maybe they did hit it right on the nose with those songs.

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