Thursday, January 27, 2011

Climbing at Malibu and send off BBQ

We headed into Malibu for day 2 of climbing.  We headed to Stumbling Blocks area which requires a water crossing and the infamous traverse.  Ginger had never climbed at Malibu so we had warned her about the traverse but clearly we had not warned her enough as she was rather surprised.  Luckily no one went splash.


Jenny, Ginger, and Anja on the traverse.


Ginger in the toughest spot at the end of the traverse.


We warmed up on this 5.8/5.9.


Ginger on the upper part of the climb.


Ken belaying.  It was a real busy Saturday at the Stumbling blocks so we only got in few more climbs but I was excited that after Anja hung the draws I lead Mr. Big a left traversing overhung 5.10d which I’d never led before although I had to hang once.


Once we finished climbing we headed back to Kevin and Lauren’s for a send off BBQ.


It was great!  Angela and John even made it out with their baby girl Eva who I had not gotten to met before leaving town.  I finished getting packed up and Ram partied into the night.

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