Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Key West, FL

We loaded into the rental mini-van and headed down to Key West.  I’d never been so I really wanted to go.  The trip down is about 2 hour drive from Key Largo.


In route we stopped just past the 7 mile bridge at Vetern’s Park.  It was a nice little spot with Tiki shelters and a sandy beach.P1150069

When we got to Key West we walked along the board walk toward Mallory Square.  Right at Mallory square was a cruise ship and a woman walking by said it was the Norwegian Star.  Linda immediately said it was Joel’s boat a friend of theirs from Vermont so Rick immediately started trying to call and text him and his wife but couldn’t get ahold of them so we just kept walking toward the cruise ship.


Well, we walked about another three blocks toward the boat and standing at a stoplight Joel walked right in front of us and stood right in front of us.  Rick jumped and bumped into him and then shoved around him.  Joel told us he thought he was getting pickpocketed by a snowbird.  Well it was him and we got to hangout with him for 30 minutes until he was due back on the boat.P1150074

After visiting the boat we check out a sculpture garden.P1150072

Rick got really into checking out this sculpture from all angles.P1150077One of the famous roosters of Key West.P1150080We caught the sunset from the West end of Key West

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Coming up through Atlanta?? We'd love to host you here!!