Thursday, November 6, 2008

Summary of things to change

In our rig we have a generator, shore power connection, 2 house batteries (Group 27; estimated 75 amps x 2), microwave, and Todd Power Source PC-45 converter/charger. Our microwave runs on AC power so it only powers on when we have the generator on or connected to shore power.

1. Inverter: We will rarely connected to shore power so we don’t want to have to turn the generator on to every time we use the microwave for 3 minutes (estimated a 5 amp draw). I’d also like to power the 110 volt outlets. From my research I see a cheap option of adding a 1,000-watt inverter ($200) and expensive option replacing the converter/charger with a converter-charger-inverter ($700). I will probably do the cheap option unless I get talked out of it. I’m not sure yet where the inverter should be wired in? Does not seem like I would want to wired in before the 110 AC circuit breaker because then it would run to the converter/charger which would try to charge the batteries.

2. Second solar panel (80 to 135W Kyocera) – Currently 50 watt panel; Specialty Concept Mark 15 solar charger controller.

3. I’d like to build an exterior storage location for white gas for backpacking stove. A gallon of white gas is about 4” x 6” x 8” and the fuel canister to use with the stove is about 2” x 8”. I’d either like to store this on the roof or rear of vehicle. An Aluminess bumper would be the perfect solution and frankly makes van look badass but I’d rather not spend $3,000. If I could get by with a more white trash solution for way less.

I have been considering a bolt on storage shelf on the rear door or even rear of the roof, like this jerry can carrier.

4. DC powered computer like from
5. LCD TV which can also serve as monitor
6. propane stove in counter (debating between Atwood ($50) and flush mount smev 2-burner ($270))
7. replace front seats foam and create arm rest (or new seats)
8. Component speakers up front and upgrade rear 6x9s
9. Bike rack to hold two bikes (probably receiver hitch rack; maybe front hitch?)
10. LED replacement blubs or fixtures
11. Make side “40” side of 60/40 doors swing all the way open. (I guess we just pull the restrictor pin)
12. Front hitch
13. Center consol on top of doghouse

Known problems:
A. Rear door power lock does not work
B. House batteries are a little old
C. Windshield wiper fluid does not spray
D. Tires are old and cracking a little.
E. Doghouse gets pretty hot under regular driving

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