Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stove install

The van had formerly had a stove or was setup to have an easy stove install. The counter was somewhat precut for one and the copper tubing was in place. I cut into the counter, screwed in the stove and connected it to the piping under the sink. No dice. The piping from the tank was not connected to the piping under the sink. No worries piping was all there just need to switch an elbow fitting under the van for a T fitting. Crux: had to flare the copper tubing under the van to do it. I got it all done and bubble tested everything but just didn't feel confident about having done the job myself. Lying on the ground under the van to flare and test was just too much. I took it to Snell's RV in El Monte and had it pressure tested. Sure enough my flare leaked and they reflared it and reconnected it. They were nice guys and had reasonable prices, so Snell’s might be my solution to the solar panel install.

Lessons Learned: The stove has not been that useful yet but I see its value more for colder trips and we have not done that yet.

The install



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