Saturday, November 29, 2008


Problem Statement: Anja wants to be able to make hot chocolate without turning on the generator.

Currently: the microwave is plugged into an outlet right next to it which is connected to the AC system (Shore power/AC system) so we put in a Xantrex 1200 inverter. The microwave is 600 watts so this should be sufficient power. Since I wanted to be sure I didn't accidentally leave the inverter on I installed a switch in the positive power line. I installed it with power connected straight to the batteries. The inverter has two outputs: one is connected to an outlet adjacent to the inverter; the second has a home depot extension cable attached that runs behind the driver side closets and is butt connected to a home depot power strip which is located directly above the microwave.

Old Inverter

New Inverter

Battery connection

Lessons Learned: The system seems to work but the switch only kind of works and may not be the best for the inverter. There are two switches for the inverter; one on the inverter (accessed by lifting up part of the bed) and a second easily to access circuit break switch so the inverter will not drain the house batteries while turned off. As installed the inverter turns off fine. Flip the circuit break switch and the inverter is off. However, to turn the inverter on you must turn the circuit break switch on, then turn the switch on the inverter to off, and then turn the switch on the inverter back to on. It is a little annoying to have access under the bed to turn the inverter on but the circuit break switch is effective for turning it off. In trials we are not sure if the microwave is getting full power but it is working and is nice to have a power strip available.

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