Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anja's Birthday Weekend in Joshua Tree Nat. Park

The first trip we took with the van (besides the drive home) was to Joshua Tree for climbing and a party for Anja's birthday. We packed 4 (Rachel, Ram, Anja, and Ken) people in and left our apartment for Jtree on Friday night with a stop at the Ontario airport to pick up Alex. We brought Lufuma Recliner chairs Clipper XL, and they are hands down the most comfortable camp chairs I have ever sat in. I could easily spend the day reading, relaxing, and napping in these chairs. We spent two nights in the van at Sheep Pass Group Campground, the second night was windy and chilly. Erika was the first overnight guest in the van. Saturday night Anja held a cake contest for her birthday and awarded prizes. Jenny won for overall but Erika and Crystal had excellent entries.

Lessons learned: We have camped countless times at Jtree often in a Honda Element sleeping inside so having a shelter like the van was nothing new but so much space was awesome. It was cold and windy the second night and when we got up in the morning everything was blowing like crazy, enough to rock the van back and forth a little, but we were cozy inside.

We have seating for 7 but 5 is really the max for driving and the head space is not the greatest in the back 5 seats.

Fixes: Not sure what to do about Lufuma Chairs so comfy but not sure how we can fit them on.
The back passenger side has a head board of sorts which limits head room.

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