Friday, November 28, 2008

Work in Las Cruces - Solar & Bike Rack

Bike Rack
Yakima Terragate 4 for $125 off craigslist. It attaches to the back hitch and fits well even with the spare tire that is mounted on the rear door. It has a swing away action which allows for easy access to the back door even with the bikes mounted. Possible option: bike rack can hold four bikes. I'm thinking two bikes and two Lafuma chairs. Keep posted to find out if this works out.

Seat comfort
A memory foam pillow (full size) cut in half works great. It was a gift from Anja’s mom. It was too large so we cut it in half to enjoy it as a pillow and a killer lumbar support.

Solar Panel expansion
I bought two solar panels from an Arizona company. Kyocera 54 watt panels with junction box (25” x 26”) and z brackets for mounting.

Lessons Learned: I had underestimated the difficulty in attaching these to the van since you cannot really access the back of the roof. After I did a little research, well nuts seemed to be the way to go but I'm being chicken about drilling into the roof. We'd still really like to get these installed as the current 50 watt panel only provides enough power to keep the batteries full with nothing on if the van sits for a month or so between trips.

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