Sunday, October 26, 2008

Headed Home

After a great Mexican dinner with Pat and Sara we were headed home. We slept off a dirt road in the National Forest and passed Mt. Shasta in the morning. When we saw a van with a very interesting paint job we knew we were almost back in LA LA Land. After seeing so many awesome places we were less than excited to return to LA.


rcpeters said...

what's up with the van?

Meg Simone said...

came across your van blog searching for used sportsmobiles - your insight on how you narrowed down the search is super helpful. I wish I could find a deal out here (we live in NH) we've been eying one at the Sportsmobile Indiana dealership, but just too spendy... need it for skiing, road trips in Nov/Dec and March-May, has to be 4x4 to make it up our road in winter. You guys lucked out with a sweet score - hope you are still putting it to good use! Loved the pictures and story . :) Meg Simone

Anja said...

rcpeters -- we are planning to post latest van upgrades/trips soon!

meg -- thanks for your comments! good luck with the van search. we love ours and look forward to taking it out again this weekend.