Saturday, November 22, 2008

LA to Las Cruces

The second trip in the van I drove solo from LA to Las Cruces, New Mexico for Thanksgiving. I set out on Friday night after work and fought through traffic into Arizona. I pulled off the road about 60 miles into Arizona and slept in the van near Courthouse rock. The second day I drove on to Tuscon and stopped for some bouldering and a mountain bike ride. Since we didn't have a bike rack the bikes rode inside.

Lessons Learned: WE NEED A BIKE RACK! As luck would have it I already knew this and had found a Yakima rack on craigslist in Boulder which Keith (my brother who lives in Boulder) was enlisted to pickup and deliver to Las Cruces.

In route I stopped for a mountain bike ride in Tuscon. It was a nice ride and felt fairly remote in spots. Luckily I did not get a fat in all that desert vegitation as it was soon dark after I finished.

Trailhead parking

About a third done

About two-thirds done

The front seat is not that comfortable for a long ride as it lacks lower back support. With two people driving it is not a problem but an eleven hour solo drive is not very comfortable.

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Rob said...

uhhh... how bout some interior pics?