Friday, December 10, 2010

Sand Stone Quary - Red Rocks

We talked Ram back out to Red Rocks and headed over to the Sand Stone Quarry.  We headed to the Hidden Corridor.  We started on a 5.10b which was way too hard and slabby.
We headed down canyon and got on a 5.10d.

Anja headed up it and made it to the second last clip and it was a real rough spot and she lowered off.
We sent Ram up to finish it.  He got to the clip where Anja lowered off and hung for a real long rest before he got on it.

Opps he fell off of the crux move.
But then he got back on it and finished it.

We headed over to The Pier.  Anja headed up a great climb called Under the Boardwalk.

I toproped it but struggled and hung at the last moves just like Anja did on led.

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