Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cat House - Joshua Tree - November 7, 2010

The night before Ram and Anja had left to meet Jenny near Barstow to do some sport climbing so I went out with the San Luis Obispo crew. They were headed to the Playhouse but it was crazy busy so they ended up at the Cat House. Not great climbing here but I got to climb with an old friend from Cal Poly's younger sister Nancy which was kind of fun. She had flown all the way from New York for this weekend in Joshua Tree. I lead a 5.8 and then we top roped a 5.7.

On the way out of the park I stopped at Trashcan Rock and did the Trashcan traverse I got it from left to right but fell off going back right to left. Then I drove on to New Jack City and got there in time to lead one 5.9 sport climb with Anja. The bad new was my Globe puffy jacket was missing and I must have lost it at camp. I was really bummed as it was a gift from Skater Dave and a really nice jacket for around the campfire. Oh well onto Vegas to meet Ram and hit Red Rocks.

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