Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hand guns and the Holidays

So we were still in Hanover, PA well about 3 miles outside of town on about 10 acres.  Hanging out at Aunt Denise's house.

Since it had become too cold for tennis the activity choices at the house had become riding quads, board games, Wii, or shooting guns.  Shooting guns was the winner of the afternoon and James started by shooting a 22 caliber rifle.  I’d shot these in the scouts and was interested but Uncle Steve brought out the hand gun I was curious.  I think it was a 357 six shooter.  We tried firing from about 50 yard but were hitting very little.  I think I shot from 20 yards, wow was that thing loud and with some kick.  I shot 6 rounds and still couldn’t hit the 4’ x 6’ board let alone the targets attached too it.

Note in the photo the Pennsylvania State flag.  “Don’t Tread On Me”
 Father and daughter shooting together.  Is their any better bonding?

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Anja said...

Awesome!! That's the second thanksgiving where work got in the way of family target practice. Glad Analese got some quality time with her Dad. Way to capture the kodak moment sweetie! :)