Monday, December 13, 2010

Hit the Road to Boulder

We hit the road and headed to Boulder from Las Vegas to see our families for the holidays.  We left Vegas late the night before and made it to the sleep spot we had used outside St George it was again a really nice spot and we slept well.  In the morning we hit the road hard wanting to make it to Boulder that night.

On route on I-70 we passed again over the San Rafeil Swell.  I really love this area.  Note the picture is not crooked.  The street since is straight up and down that is just how much uplight the ground has gone through in the Swell area.

We pushed on from there and stopped in Grand Junction before the big trip over the Rookies.  Their were still no chain requirements in effect so we went for it.  We got over the top pass at about 8 pm and it was snowing and a little slippery on the road but it didn't get bad until we got to Silverthorne and the traffic picked up then with slow trucks and too cars going too fast and accidents being cleaned up from the too fast cars I imagine, the driving got a little on the edge.  No problem though we kept our speed way down and just rolled with the flashers on and rolled into Boulder around 11 pm with no problems.

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