Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stingray City, August 27, 2010

The highlight of Captain Marvin's boat tour and the Cayman islands trip was Stingray city! Stingray city is located in the bay of Grand Cayman, a few thousand feet off of shore, at a sandbar where the water depth ranges from about 3-6 feet. Captain Marvin discovered it in the 40's/50's, when fisherman would moor at this sandbar to clean fish. Dumping the scraps overboard attracted stingrays, and from this regular interaction with fisherman the stingrays became domesticated and friendly(?).

Regarding the stingrays, Laura said: "I love to stroke their soft, velvety, undersides... ", and the rest of us agreed!

Anja going for a kiss
Anja loves stingrays and they love her back
The first mate feeding the stingray squid. They don't have teeth so you can't get bit at least too bad.
Laura and Ian with a Stingray. Yes they swim right up into your arms.


Deborah said...

That looks like hilarious, amazing fun! I Love how stingrays are so smooth and almost slimy :D

Sierrasclimber said...

Yeah, they're great! When did you go to the CI?

Clint said...

Yes, stingrays and all other rays are beautiful creatures to watch in the water. They move with a lot of grace. I did the scuba dive down in Stingray City (Grand Cayman Island) and a big one accidentally bashed me in the face. Caught it all on video too (now posted on my blog).