Friday, September 10, 2010

Hell, Eden rock, Smith's cove - August 28, 2010

Our last day in the Caymans started with a gourmet coconut french toast breakfast followed by a trip to Hell (=black volcanic rock formations), two snorkeling stops and a last visit in town.

Eden rock was very different from the snorkeling at our hotel and at cemetery beach. It looked like a great place to dive, as much of the reef was a good 20-30' below the surface. They also formed caverns and caves that looked like a lot of fun to swim through (but were out of snorkel reach).

Snorkeling at Smith's cove treated us to interesting rock formations in shallow water. While it was fun swimming through the rocky shoreline, there was not much reef here.

When we got back to Plantation Village we discovered they had tore off our balcany and were still jack hammering. We went to the front office and got some attitude from the ladies working there but got the jack hammering stopped since it was already after 5 pm.
Since it was our last night we went for a nice long walk on the beach at sunset. What an awesome place!

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