Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kevin and Lauren's Wedding - September 11, 2010

We had been planning to attend Kevin and Lauren's, two good friends from LA, wedding in Mt Shata on September 11, 2010. However, since Kevin's grandfather who had been planning to preform the marriage ceremony had knee surgery and could not make it they asked Ken to officiate the ceremony. Of course Ken agreed so on September 10 we headed up from Truckee to Mt Shasta for the rehearsal. The rehearsal went great and Kevin's folk hosted a huge rehearsal dinner. Saturday morning we went looking for the lunchtime BBQ being hosted and got put to work hanging cranes from the Chuppah and hot glueing the ribbon on the cupcake stand.

Although the ceremony got started a little late it went great with no major problems and was really great. The funnest moment was that Kevin wore his sunglasses for much of the ceremony. I asked him at the start when it was just him and I standing up there "are you going to take off the sunglasses?" "Until she makes me take them off." Well two sentences into the vows Lauren reached over and pulled them off.
The happy couple
The views of Mt Shasta were great.
Adam and Yumi looking like cute newly weds.
The first dance.
Congratulations Kevin and Lauren!

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