Saturday, September 4, 2010

Captin Marvin's - Snorkeling August 27, 2010

We took Captain Marvin's half day boat tour since there were not enough people interested in the full day tour. Laura and Anja had been on the full day tour 10 years before, and at the lunch stop Anja climbed a tree to get a coconut (Captain Marvin had said "I've never seen a tourist do that before!"). Our half day trip consisted of three stops, two snorkel stops at Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef, and Stingray City (see next post).

The boat ride out to the first stop, snorkeling in the Coral Gardens

Everyone off the boat. Tons of fish show up hoping to be fed.

Ian putting the gas in the fins
Laura diving down to look at a shell

Our second stop at Barrier Reef
Angle fish
Anja diving down after a conch. The are protected in this area now. The boat captain could be fined about $1 million US for taking a conch.

Trumpet fish

A huge conch
Great reef!!!

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