Sunday, September 19, 2010

Planned schedule

UPDATED: Anja's work asked her to delay for a few weeks so we have had to flip our schedule.

So our latest planned schedule is:
Sept 19-20 Lover's Leap
Sept 21-22 climbing
Sept 23-25 Yosemite
Sept 26-27 Tuolumne Meadows
Sept 28-Oct 7 Yosemite
Oct 8-2 Unsure location? Anja may have to work much of this.
Nov 3 - Kevin and Lauren
Nov 4-5 Anja LA for conference
Nov 4-7 Ken Jtree climbing
Nov 8-22 Unsure location
Nov 22-Dec 25 Anja Vermont
Nov 22 -Dec 8 Ken Vermont
Dec 9-Dec 25 Ken Boulder
Dec 26-Jan 3 Boulder (ski hut trip there somewhere)
Jan 13 - Jan 20 Florida

All tenative at this time
Jan 20-Feb19 Thailand
Mid Feb to first week March - Vietnam (Hong Long Bay)
Early March - Yangshuo China
Late March early April - Nepal (2-3 week trek)
Stop in India to Taj Mahl
Late April - Antalya, Turkey
May - Kalymnos, Greece
June - Italy

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