Monday, September 12, 2011

Gear: Cameras

During our travels out of the US we shot 12,000 photos mostly on our Olympus Stylus Tough 6020.  In Nepal we were kindly delivered a Sony NEX-5 by Julie.  Last, many of the best photos were shot by Ram with his Canon 5D SLR with professional grade lenses.  Ram also took up the shot quality by handing out at anchors or being in the party above on one multi-pitch.  A handful of other photos were taken from friends we met while traveling.

Our Olympus Stylus Tough 6020:  It has held up well for us well.  Climbing we wear it around our neck on a string which has worked well as it is easy to lift it up while belaying, turn it on, and shot a picture with only one hand.  If you need to throw out rope we just drop it and it hangs there on our neck.  It isn’t the lightest camera but has taken the bumps and bruises of climbing.  It is compact but I don’t like the charger it comes with has it plugs into the camera.  We had an old charger which worked with the batteries so we carried that.  It however failed miserably to keep up with the photo quality of Ram’s Canon 5D and after Thailand I was left desired a better photo quality so I looked into something for better photo quality.

Sony NEX-5:  While traveling we got a Sony NEX-5.  We got it with the 16 mm f2.8 pancake flake and 18 mm – 55 mm f3.5-5.6.  We carried this in Lowepro Munich 100 Camera Bag (Black) by Lowepro which is the perfect size for the camera, both lenses, and extra battery.  It did shoot much better photos and was more enjoyable to shoot while on tourist attractions.  Plus, it was great to have two cameras incase one had broken.

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