Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colorado–Boulder-Cob Rock

We got back to Boulder this summer and I got back to trad climbing again.  The first day was with my brother on Dome rock up the East Slab 5.6.  I led ok but then at the top dropped a locking carabineer.  I haven’t dropped anything off a climb for years!  Felt like such a Gumby. 

A week later, Anja and I headed off to climb Cob Rock up the North Face Center


Cob Rock the distinct crack up the middle was our line.


The day started with crossing Boulder Creek on a fixed rope.


I took the first led but half way up called down “Do you have a nut tool?” “No?” “Me neither”.  Opps glad I had 12 cams on the rack.


It was a straightforward pitch and I set the belay in a corner.


Anja led up from there to the top.


With a little pause at the 2nd pitch crux.  It was a nice day in the canyon and an nice climb.

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