Friday, September 2, 2011

New York, New York-Back in the USA (Day 167 & 168)

We’d chose to fly back to New York to stop and see Adam and Yumi who were now living there.
Yumi was home to greet us and soon gave us the big news that she was pregnant.  It was great to return to the us and we washed everything.  Strange things happen like walk up to an ATM and my mind trying to consider how much $300 is in what is going to come out of this machine.  Oh that right it’s $300.  Other great realization; I don’t have to carry my passport, if I encounter a police officer I’m likely to give him grief, and I can buy any food I want!
We were exhausted and just pretty much passed out.
When we woke up the day we grabbed some rock shoes and went to Central Park.
We found a rock and did some climbing.
Of course New York is a great place to return to after an international trip because you still don’t feel like you are back in the USA because so many people here do not speak English.
It’s great to be back.

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