Saturday, December 20, 2008

To Las Cruces again with a stop at Cochise Stronghold

We headed to Las Cruces again and were again reminded that we could use better stereo speakers. We stopped this time at Cochise Stronghold southeast of Tuscon for two days of climbing. In route to Cochise we stopped at a gas station near Gila Bend with tons of cool Mexican lawn ornaments and got some great Christmas presents at a very reasonable price. We also got the van weighed with no water but somewhat loaded with gear, and it weighed 8,000 lbs. Heading up the 15 miles of dirt washboard road to Cochise near Tombstone, AZ we shook the van like crazy but it did great on the dirt roads and the clearance was awesome. I guess I had not realized just how big the tires were. I hope to measure the clearance one of these days with sand and find out. The mountain bikes were on the back this trip and were swung to the side when we setup for the night at camp. It was a little hassle removing the bungee cords and unlocking them from the spare tire. After two days of climbing we headed off to Las Cruces.

Cochise campsite

Ken leading

Anja leading


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