Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More work in Las Cruces

Front Speakers: I upgraded the front speakers to a component set from Best buy. Normally, I would order online but these were on sale and seemed excellent. Infinity speakers with a 6.5" woofer and 0.75" tweeter with custom crossover. The dodge B3500 van stock speaker connection was a little weird as it connected to the stock speakers it had four wires. I was guessing the new Sony was in the dash was only connected to two so I clipped the connecter from the stock unit and tested in on the new speaker terminals. The middle wires were live so I connected them on up. I got the 6.5 woofer bolted in and installed the lower door although it was not really a good fit for the 6x9 space. The tweeters installed beautifully high on the door with the mounting kit supplied. I drilled a hole through the SMB trim and door and shoved the speaker wire through to connect it all up.

Lessons learned: AWESOME SOUND! What a difference. The treble was so muffled previously but now comes through clean. The base is nothing amazing, not like if we put in a sub, but it is enough for us. A 6x9 woofer would have been better for install and maybe bass since 6.5 is not that great of a fit. Rear speakers now seem a little lacking.

Front Hitch:
I found a $20 front hitch at Harbor Freight. Seemed like a good idea and right price so I made an attempt at putting it on but no idea how to do it. Not sure about that one?

Gearing up the van:
Harbor Freight. I got a tool box/tool set for about $30, which includes tons of stuff and fits next to the furnace under the middle driver side seat. My dad got me a soldering iron, a little dc air compressor, and an engine code tester to read any error lights. I also got a hydraulic bottle jack.
REI/Campmor: We got a Gerber folding shovel and a Gerber hatchet. We got a folding 21" wood saw; pretty cool how it folds up.
Home: put a corded drill from home in the van

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