Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Problem

Heading up a steep grade of I-8 we had a problem and started sputtering and lost power. I was able to exit and took a quick look around the van and under the hood. Not seeing anything abnormal and being late I declared we should take a nap and try in half an hour. Anja wanted to find the problem and looked around more but was soon lying on the bed with me. In half an hour we hit the road again but didn't make it more than 10 miles before the problem returned. We exited at the next town filled the gas tank (it had been ¼ full) and looked around the engine more, but again found nothing. After refueling we had no more problems. Since it was only about 40 degrees out it seems unlikely it was an over heating problem, and since the tank had been shaken like crazy exiting Cochise, we thought that maybe the fuel filter was clogged. A little research indicated that the fuel filter only is in use when the tank is below ½ so filling the tank would have taken care of the problem. This was our best guess.

Problem Solution:
We are still not sure if it was the fuel filter.

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