Friday, October 10, 2008

1996 Sportsmobile Van from CL

We decided to buy a 1996 Dodge Sportsmobile van for $9,000 listed on CL in Bellingham, WA. See the add below:

Price just reduced to $9500 a great value. My 1996 Dodge Sportsmobile is For Sale: 82,000 miles, Gas 5.9L w/overdrive, 19 ft., Generator, 2 air conditioners, Propane thermostatically controlled furnace, microwave, Sony am/fm compact disc player w/remote and removable face, 50W Solar charger, Duel Electric Fridge, Clifford Security system with pager to about 30 yards, Awning, unused Thetford Porta Potty, hot water heater.

I purchased this Ram 3500 in July of 2000, I replaced all the tires, the Michelins still have good thread but there are some small weather cracks on the sidewalls. The following year I added a Freedom II awning and replaced the compressor in the Norcold Duel Electric Fridge. The CD player and Security system were added in November of 2005.

In March of 2002 I added a 50W Specialty Concept Mark 15 solar charger and electronic controller. This does a nice job of keeping the 2 house batteries charged while sitting. The controller prevents over charge and displays battery voltage and charge current.

I am moving within town to a place where there is no good storage for my Van. I have changed the oil on a regular basis. All 3 batteries were replaced in October of 2005. The oil sender and Serpentine belt were replaced in May of 2008.

The Onan MicroLite 2800 Series Generator has only 120 hours. The Oil, Spark Plug and fuel filter were replaced in July of 2008. The rear makes into a 73x49 inch bed. Max interior height is 73 inches. There is 20 gal fresh water tank, a grey water holding tank, but no stove. A propane line is available under the counter if someone wanted to add

Sportsmoble makes a GREAT camper van. You can find their web pages on the internet. Lots of little storage compartments and 12V lig hts placed in good locations with 4 12V accessory outlets. Email me for more photos.


Dave said...

Sounds pretty awesome! Looking forward to seeing it on the eastside.

ranjith said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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