Friday, September 26, 2008

What we wanted

So we were refining what we wanted. We were considering 2 options:
1. A fully converted Class B Van build from a 1994 Dodge or newer with high roof, 21 ft in length or less, (max for LA street parking) must have a 6'3" bed, an electrical system, and added features such as A/C, propane heat, propane stove, solar panels, solar charging system, shower, sink, generator, awning, or water tank. Must have power door locks, power windows, and cruise control. One nice thing about the Class B RV is they almost always have the best stock features like cruise and power windows.
2. A cheap Extended Van (less than $5,000) with high top which we could do a conversion to ourselves.
The real tipping point for me seemed to be a generator. If we had a generator ($3,000 new) we have no power worries which would be sweet.

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