Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1995 Chevy Roadtrek

We went and saw a 1995 Chevy Roadtrek Versatile which it turned out the owner was a friend of Anja's. It had 61,000 miles on it and he as asking $17,000. Anja loved it; I hated it. It was a 90's van just like the 1991 Chevy my father had owned and I'd learned to drive in. It felt really old to me because of that and no way in hell was I spending $17,000 on such an old vehicle. The bed in the back was too small and the used toilet grossed out Anja but she thought it felt like "a home." She also liked that it was finished with little work to be done. I agreed that she was not going to be happy spending 80 hours of weekend converting a van. After some research at home we concluded maybe we could get a 1994 or newer Dodge Roadtrek but in the Popular model which has a 6'4" bed on one side so we started looking for Dodges but still keeping an eye out for Sportsmobiles or other Class B RV's. I could not find pictures of the one we say but the pictures are about right.

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