Monday, September 8, 2008

Sportsmobile West Visit

We were thinking we would convert our a used extended cargo van and were considering putting the Sportsmobile penthouse top on. So on our way home from a college friend's wedding in Tahoe so we stopped in Fresno at Sportsmobile West to see the manufacturing floor and take a look at vans and see what we might want to do to a van. The staff was really friendly and took us through all the vans on the floor and some in production. Only once did the salesman give me a sales pitch and it was a pretty soft attempt. We loved their vans but at $55,000-100k+ they are just out of our price range. Bad news if we wanted a penthouse top with a roof rack we would need the electronic lift and that is an extra $1,500 so the top would be $7,000. On the way home we talked over the top and concluded that anywhere we would put up the top we could also put up a tent so for $7,000 what were we gaining? It was just too much.
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