Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tahquitz–Whodonit 5.9

We were headed to Hollywood for a college roommate’s wedding and made a stop at Tahquitz to get on the classic Whodonit.  I’d never done the route because on a weekend it always had a line of people on it but this we rolled into town on Wednesday night.  Paul followed shortly rolling into camp that night.  In the morning the three of us hiked up hoping for an open route. 


The route and whole Northwest Rescess were vacant.  Stoked!  I got on the first pitch which had some 5.9 slab I was not excited about which I did find very dicey and a fall off the slab on the black alien and micro nuts would have been bad.  I hope the rest of the route makes up for it.  Anja took the next pitch and we rolled up.


We made the classic chimney and I headed up it was a pretty cool physical 5.9 exit move and was an awesome pitch.


After that it was a pretty cruise to the top of a few pitches.  We topped out with plenty of daylight for the hike down the north gully.  Overall it was a great route but I thought it paled in comparison to Traitor Horn and the Long/Wong Climb.

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