Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinnacles–Post Orgasmic Depression and Cantaloupes of Death

The weather turned on us and we headed to San Luis Obispo and saw some of my college friends.  We rode out a couple of days of rain hanging at out at SLO Sails and Canvas and coffee shops.  From there we headed to Pinnacles National Monument.


Pinnacles is a big conglomerate climbing area which I had visited in college.  I’d followed Cantaloupes of Death 5.10b and recalled it as an awesome route I thought Anja would like.  We headed to that feature which also housed the classic Post Orgasmic Depression 5.11b.  We found our way there after getting lost a couple times and got in 4 routes.  It was nice but as I remembered I didn’t love the climbing there and we headed out that evening to Sonora.

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