Monday, August 16, 2010

Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful Geyser, August 10, 2010

In Cody we stopped at the Sierra Trading Post Bargain Barn and Anja got some great cords for $2 each.
We stopped at a lake just outside of the East entrance of Yellowstone (near Cody, WY). At this point we were desperately in need of showers and toyed with the idea of going for a swim, but it was a bit too cold!
Yellowstone is a huge park! It was about 65 miles from the park entrance to Old Faithful, and we were going about 30-40mph. The sunset on Yellowstone lake was gorgeous, so we stopped for a few photos.

It was dusk when we got to Old Faithful (though it looks a bit darker in the photo), and we had impeccable timing. There were folks sitting on benches waiting when we arrived, and shortly after we sat down the geyser went off! It was a bit of a surprise to us as there is typically 45-120 minute intervals between eruptions. We'd thought it would be at least 45 minute wait. We were also treated to a pretty good one, judging by remarks from others who had seen previous explosions. Our guess is the eruption reached about 30-40 feet above ground. We went for a short hike around the area, but it was getting too dark to see much without a headlamp. We hope to see more of the park on our drive to Jackson, WY.

There was still another couple hours of driving -- 44 miles in the park, before we found a camp spot. We settled on a spot that was about 25 miles south of Bozeman, MT and about 2.5 miles up a dirt forest service road. It was a bit tough finding free camping in the canyon, especially without a detailed topo map of MT. We went to sleep around 1am! It was a good spot.

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