Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jackson Climbing - August 16, 2010

We went climbing with Lane and Rob up at a secret limestone cliff. To get there we had to start with a mountain bike ride to the edge of the wilderness boundary where biking is not allowed. So we locked our bikes to a tree and hiked in to get to the limestone cliff. The left size of the cliff was larger but seemed chossy so we went for the upper right which was about 20 ft tall. We scrambled to the top and setup topropes on two climbs.

The left climb was really dirty and although the holds looked good most were not very possitive. It was probably about 5.10b. The right climb was harder and more loose. Ken went first and tore off a bunch of holds and hangdogged his way to the top. Anja went next and halfway up highstepped and cranked off a hold. POP!! She fell and knocked her shin on the very sharp limestone. She looked down and her leg was bleeding. Ken lowered her to the ground and looked at her wound.

Here is the video: (fast forward to about the 3:50 mark and watch from there)

It was a puncture wound about the size of the tip of Ken's pinky finger. Anja rested for a minute and Lane gave it a shot. Ken discouraged Anja from climbing again to no avail. Neither Ken or Anja did the route on toprope cleanly so we estimate if must be about 5.10c or harder.

We headed back to Lane's and Anja was feeling ok so we went about trying to irrigate the wound so Ken go the syringe from the med kit and started to irrigate with a iodine solution by filling the syringe and then spraying the liquid into the wound. Once Ken got to full pressure Anja would shake and squirm and almost scream. After a few attempts it Ken was getting a little grossed out by the white puss in the wound so we gave Donna a call and asked what she thought about the wound. After the call Ken and Anja discussed and settled on taking Anja to the Urgent Care.

At the Urgent Care Anja was laughing with the doctor because Lane had just been in the week before for a concussion he got biking. The doc said "What are you kids up to!". They cleaned the wound, gave her a tetanus shot, and 3 stitches.

After Urgent Care we went out to dinner with Lane, Rob, Em and Matt.

UPDATE: Anja is all ok.

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