Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bishop–February 2012

We got talked into a surprise trip to Bishop by Crystal for Paul’s birthday.  I agreed as long it was not storming in Nevada or Utah.  They were there to ski at Mammoth. 


Paul and Crystal were off skiing so we headed out to climb in Owen’s River Gorge.


Leading in the Gorge.


We rolled back into town and I was texting with Crystal and she told me where to find them so I pounded on the door like the police and Paul answered to great surprise to see us standing there.


It was a nice day and we headed out to do some bouldering at Happy Boulders.


Nice day in the sun.


As a change of pace for the trip we went out with Alex to rock hound.  We headed up on this little peak and pounded into the rock to break it away and find things.

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