Monday, May 4, 2009

To the Mechanic

I took the van to Valley Brake and Wheel in El Monte. A good friend of mine, Paul, has known them for years and said they were very relievable and reasonable. They looked at the van bumper to bumper and were not convinced about the fuel filter being the cause of our lack of power and misfiring. Since to replace the fuel filter required dropping the gas tank and probably replacing the fuel pump at the same time it would be pretty expensive a fix.

They compression tested the cylinders, replaced the wires and plugs. While they were at it I had them move the trailer light connection higher on the bumper so the trailer hitch would protect it. They fixed the rear power lock with a new actuator. (Should have done this myself in hindsight). Replaced the wiper fluid pump and changed the fluids. One of the best things, Snell's RV is just half a block down the street so I dropped off the van with Snell’s and they just took it over to Valley Brake when they were done. To have service be so simple in LA, unheard of!

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